Volvo XC90 took premier Gumtree class Award

Good reasons why XC90 is a Gumtree winner

Auto’s final report on Gumtree’s 2019 Pre-Owned Awards covers premium class 2-year old Luxury SUVs available on the used market at under R875K, a trophy raised by stylish Volvo’s XC-90. Chosen from among the five pre-owned rivals that bet maintained their value according to Trans Union pre-owned prices, the XC90 took the Gumtree Jury nod over the Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes GLE and Toyota Prado.

Volvo’s flagship from Torslanda whispers understatement, yet its distinctive face and striking Thor’s Hammer headlights shout classy elegance, it’s tasteful, refined and uncluttered cabin complete with a re-imagined design and albeit touchy screen controls, is well thought through. 

Volvo means ‘I roll’ and XC90 rolls along brilliantly, its healthy 4-pot 2-litre turbodiesel and super smooth 8-speed AWD more than amply thrusting it along to leave us convinced that if the XC90 is the blueprint of how it rolls, the best of Volvo is still to come. The only 2-litre 4-pot among its bigger 3-litre and six-cylinder rivals, XC90 makes up for any slight performance disadvantages by being by far the most economical.

Probably best kept on the beaten track, the sophisticated XC90 is splendid on the road and certainly fit for purpouse and certainly looks after you on back-up with three years left on both service and warranty even though its already two years old. The Volvo is also a clear used bargain— while it cost a bar back in 2017, you can get one for around R750K today - not ideal for the original owner but a good buy used for sure. – Michele Lupini