Toyota Hilux - Gumtree Pre Owned winner 2020

Toyota Hilux scoops Pre-Owned crown too

It will not be a surprise to many that the Toyota Hilux stole the crown of Gumtree Pre-Owned Double Cab Bakkie crown in South Africa’s favourite motoring niche. Bakkies represent South Africa’s biggest-selling vehicle models in South Africa with Hilux and Ranger hogging the top two month after month so there are even more of them change hands on the aftermarket too, so this is a significant one.

The Gumtree Award seeks to determine the best used pickup trucks out there in this case and this report singles out the five two-year old bakkies that best retain their value, from which the Pre Owned jury chooses the best against a broad variety of used and car of the year aspects. Based on Trans Union pre-owned car sales data and in alphabetical order, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Isuzu KB300, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux Raider and Volkswagen Amarok were put under the microscope and the Hilux emerged the winner.

While the Hilux struggles in certain areas like payload and a short warranty versus its rivals it stars in many other areas from a more than adequate braked trailer capacity to Toyota typical low running costs and best value retention and while it ended middle of the road in a very close fought fight in our own scoring, the Jury clearly placed even more value on that good old ’Toyotaness'

So there you have it - South Africa’s favourite new bakkie is also its best new one — the Toyota Hilux has scooped Gumtree Pre Owned Bakkie Award for 2020 too. – Michele Lupini