Lexus RC F Track Edition

Lexus adds sport to RC Coupe

Lexus has launched the latest version of its RC F coupe along with a lightweight all-new sharp-specification RC F Track Edition focused on even more dynamic handling.

While RC F gains enhanced styling with improved aerodynamics for greater downforce, stiffer and lighter suspension components; firmer steering control, more intuitive transmission and grippier tyres, the Track Edition takes the changes even further through bespoke carbon-fibre accoutrement.

Toyota’s luxury brand promises more engaging handling and improved driver feedback, a higher turn-in speed, greater chassis stability during rapid direction changes and improved steering and throttle response 'in an ideal twin-strategy for a performance-loving South Africa market'.

Aerodynamic enhancements more efficiently manage airflow around the car to improve dynamic stability, reduce drag and refine those RC looks, while the Track Edition adds a carbonfibre reinforced plastic front spoiler, bonnet and roof to cut kerb weight a further 9kg, lower the centre of gravity and deliver raciest looks.

Track Edition takes those gains even further as it loses a further significant 25kg via BBS lightweight 19-inch forged alloy wheels and Brembo high-performance carbon-ceramic disc brakes, while both cars get a revised free-breathing high-revving  351kW 530Nm 5-litre V8 for 4.5-second 0-100km/h in RC F and 4.3 seconds for the Track Edition.

Packing forged conrods, titanium valves and a high 12.3:1 compression ratio, the lighter direct petrol injection V8 is Euro 6 emissions compliant for the first time. RC F retains all the luxury expected from a Lexus at R1.32-million for RC F and R2.1M for the Track Edition complete with that 7-year/105 000km Warranty and Full Maintenance Plan at 15 000km or year intervals.