Mazda CX-3 is best used crossover again

Mazda’s magic crossover remains unbeaten

Another car to remain unbeaten into the third year of Gumtree's Pre-Owned Car Awards, the Mazda CX-3 took the prize for the best used crossover vehicle under R315K to maintain its stranglehold on world’s latest car niche and an ever more important one at that. 

Baby SUVs in did not exist just a few years ago, but just look at them now. It also means that crossovers are pretty new to the used car world, which makes this round of this year’s Gumtree Pre Owned Awards a pretty intriguing one case. 

First and foremost, Gumtree's Pre-Owned Car Awards singled out the five finalists that best retained their new value of all on the used crossover market and based on TransUnion pre-owned car sales data, the Hyundai Creta, Mazda CX-3, Subaru XV, Suzuki Ignis and Toyota C-HR came out tops among all two-year old crossovers on the SA market and they went into the final round of judging by the Pre Owned Jury

We have always liked the Mazda CX-3 — take a peek at that price to see why this is one of the bargains in the car market right now. Then take a look at its performance – 8 seconds to 100km/h rivals turbocharged exotica of double the price. So, in this downsizing world, it’s heartening to know that here is a car that has it all, lurking a class or two down next time you find what you’re not going to get for that money as the ‘other way around, CX-3 gives you far more than you would expect, for a lot less too.

It’s an interesting exercise to consider what would be most important to a buyer in this niche, but the Mazda keeps its value far better than the rest. Based on a really sharp new price, CX-3 shapes up used too, as not only does it look after the seller, but it also represents a great used bargain too. CX-3 also has the cheapest parts basket and it also dominated on performance and impressed on on fuel too, so it really is good all round.

So not only did the Mazda CX-3 aced our score sheets, but it clearly once again it wowed the Gumtree Pre Owned Car Award Jury to become an undisputed triple-winner. – Michele Lupini