Suzuki Ciaz 1.5 GLX

Ciaz proves a really pleasant surprise

I was recently given the opportunity to live with the new Suzuki Ciaz for a few days from my apartment in Cape Town. At first glance, its form had me thinking that for the next couple of days I was going to be mistaken as one of Cape Town’s thousands of Ubers that endlessly buzz around the city, but the more time I spent with this car, the more I realized that it was so much more than just a typical Uber-like sedan.

From the outside, when I had my first good look, I was taken aback by how slick Ciaz actually is – Suzuki’s facelift package has given a certain life to a previously bland car – its improved LED headlights and multiple chrome bits scattered about, bring a more premium look than before. 

That rear end is perhaps a little less pleasing than the front though, but to be fair, if I look at Ciaz’s specific rivals, it seems that cars with such a short boot are almost impossible to design in an appealing manner.

The interior surprised me just as much as the outside. Leather seats and soft touch material on parts of the dash and steering wheel were certainly not things I expected to see when I first got in, so I was pleasantly surprised when met with just that. The cabin also remains silent while cruising and the sound system exceeded expectation too. 

Technology in the Ciaz is limited and slightly outdated, but all the important bits are there. I found the infotainment system simple to use. on top of which, a few luxury extras, such as a reversing camera and Bluetooth audio really added to the simplicity of the car, making it even easier to drive. The USB port however proved a weak point – it was unable to charge my phone at all with it. 

The door cards are also flimsy and bent and creaked when the windows shut completely. Practicality is top notch though – with multiple storage compartments and more than enough boot space – I had no hassles living with the car over a busy weekend.

On the road I was suitably impressed by Ciaz’ grunt, it has no issues overtaking and cruises easily at highway speeds, I found myself exceeding the speed limit without realizing it on a few occasions thanks to that ultra-quiet cabin and soft ride. Performance proved above average and I enjoyed maxing our VBox results in our tests – this little Suzuki makes you want to drive it! 

Its economical too – Ciaz sips close to its claimed overall figure when driven appropriately and even when things get spirited, it's good on fuel too. Now all we need,  is to see Suzuki’s new turbo engines in this one – that will make this car even more attractive…

Ciaz is also a bargain in the true sense of the word – all of this for just R245K. Not bad hey?

All in all, the Suzuki Ciaz 1.5 GLX thoroughly impressed as it proved a step ahead of its UberX-like rivals – it’s the UberX you’d want to be picked up in, if you couldn’t quite afford that Uber Black! – Giordano Lupini

Images – Giordano Lupini

ROAD TESTED: Suzuki Ciaz 1.5 GLX
Engine: 77kW 138Nm 1498cc petrol I4
Drive:  5-speed manual FWD
0-60km/h: 4.08 sec
0-100km/h: 9.62 sec   
0-160km/h: 13.35 sec
400m: 16.7 sec @ 133km/h
80-120km/h:         6.76 sec
120-160km/h: 13.55 sec       
VMax: 200km/h 
Fuel: 5.5 l/100km
CO2: 130 g/km
Warranty/Service: 3y 100K/3y 60Kkm
RATED:     78%