Floorwiz 2-in-1 Spin-Tec Mop

Pricey Spin-tech worth every cent

Strange times hey? Still with nothing write about in a motoring sense, closing in on four weeks in and already boasting the best beard I ever had, I was pining to write a report about something good by now.

This lockdown certainly has changed all of our habits too — I mean, when was the last time I cleaned the microwave, did he dishes or mopped the floor? Aah — there’s a thing — our mop. 

Let me tell you something — I've developed a very special relationship with our mop over the last month or so — seldom have I ever been so impressed with a device as I am with this plastic and pipe contraption. I mean this thing is V10 M5 epic — it’s caught me so by surprise that it may be love.

Suppose these things happen when you get intimate with objects you don’t regularly interact with. Especially when they work so well. So much so that I actually researched the thing and here I am doing my first Floor Test. What do you think…?

The Floorwiz 2-in-1 Spin-Tech comes complete with a state of the art two-piece green and grey bucket that makes all the difference to mopping with it. But the piece de resistance is the white plastic spin disc that the centre of the actual mop head clips into. 

So not only does the disc spin freely versus a downward push of the mop handle, but it can also be set to either a low or a high position, so the mop can soak up the sauce at at the bottom of the bucket, or it clicks into an upper position to allow the spin dry process. 

With the disc in that upper position, it allows you to spin excess mopped up water away by gently pushing down with the mop handle and then pumping up and down quicker as you go, to up the revs of the independently gyrating mop head and let the centrifugal force expel the fluid into the confines of the bucket, all to a quite thrilling turbo whoosh.

To remove the mop, simply tug the handle up and it clips out to allow you to take to that floor with fresh vigour. If you want to soak the mop, clip it back in click the spin disc loose and drop it and and mop head down into the potion. Then to raise it again, just gently lift the mop handle gently back up and it clicks secure, ready for you to either spin it dry, or remove the mop for service

The mop itself is a cool piece of work — comprising a series of telescopic stainless steel tubes (rather than chrome plated mild steel pipes you’d expect) connected by neat green connectors, it incorporates a screw-threaded core to help convert your linear pump action into the rotary motion of the spinning mop head and spin disc within the bucket. 

The extra absorbent Eco Fibre mop head clips on easily enough, although it does tend to come off if you get a bit too rough with it out around the floor. But hey, that’s a compromise you can easily live with by just being gentle. 

Its makers promise Floorwiz is always easy to clean and ready to mop again and that a clean mop also always sparkle-cleans cleans all types of hard and laminated wood floors far better.  To be honest, that sums it up pretty well — rest assured that this mop removes and absorbs dirt super quickly and so easily!

Floorwiz is splendidly made — whoever designed and developed it knew how to engineer a mop and bucket in a such way that it completely revolutionises the art of cleaning up and it is beautifully designed and executed too. Makes it even easier to fall in love with! 

Let’s face it, to blow six hundred bucks on a mop that looks more like a green and chrome lunar landing module seems pretty extreme when you can hook up a rival spin mop for less than a third of that, while a professional janitorial fan mop will set you back R169 and an Extra Large 400g mop costs a tenth of the price. But let’s not spin hairs now. Sorry, I mean split.

But then ours has been running a treat for over four years now and besides replacing the head a year or so ago, it still runs like a dream, all the little clips and bits and pieces that make it work so well operate just as well as they did when I tried Floorwiz out, so this thing is built like the brick proverbial — especially considering the three operators it wore out over that time. 

The home executive also mentioned that we’d likely have been through four conventional el-cheapo mops in that time and somehow I doubt I’d have the relationship with an old scrubber like that than I do with this one either.

Best of all, the Floorwiz 2-in-1 Spin-Tec Mop is considered an essential item, which means you can even have one delivered in time to enjoy getting into it still in lockdown. So how about it — this certainly is a mop that is set to clean up! — Michele Lupini

FLOOR TESTED: Floorwiz 2-in-1 Spin-Tec Mop
Engine: Operator   
Drive: Push to Spin 
100m2 Concrete Floor: 2m03.53 sec
Medium push Spin:        1350rpm                     
Dry time at 25C            55 min                
Weight:                        2.8kg                               
Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 25.5cm                         
CO2:                            0 g/km
Warranty:        1 year unlimited 
Lockdown Satus:     Essential Item
LIST PRICE:                  R599           
RATED:                          9