Supra Connected

Toyota sets a connected future in motion

Toyota is the South African car market leader for many good reasons. Now it’s just added another, as it commences a shift from just being a carmaker to an overall mobility solution — may we introduce you to Toyota Connect, a brand new MyToyota App initiative that brings revolutionary mobile connectivity to every new Toyota and Lexus now sold in South Africa.

A collaboration between Toyota South Africa Motors and its partners, Altron and Vodacom Business, this new Toyota Connect technology allows Toyota owners access to myriad convenience, connectivity and safety benefits via their cars. Not only is this a South African auto industry first that fully integrates your Toyota with manufacturer and dealer systems, but it is also a world first that merges car WiFi and connectivity features in a single package across the entire Toyota and Lexus model range.

"This is just the beginning of a whole new world of Toyota mobility.” 

So, all new Toyota and Lexus models are now sold with Wi-Fi installed, including 15 gigabytes of free data, after which the owner can simply top it up as required. Toyota Connect also introduces a host of new features and benefits in a significant expansion of the MyToyota App.

“As Toyota shifts from just a carmaker to a mobility-solutions organisation, it is becoming necessary to collaborate with companies that share our future vision,” Toyota SA President and CEO Andrew Kirby explains. “Telematics and telecommunications will be the norm in tomorrow’s cars, so we have already teamed up with Altron Netstar and Vodacom to deliver the level of connected technology the modern motorist is coming to expect from a forward-thinking carmaker.”

Developed by Altech, the bespoke, locally developed Toyota Connect platform brings telematics, fleet management, connectivity and real-time data to enable real-time insights to Toyota, its customers, the dealer network, fleet owners and third-party service providers such as the Automobile Association in the case of an emergency, if required. 

Toyota Connect further enables Vodacom to deliver an innovative and more dynamic user experience to see to every Toyota or Lexus becoming safer, more efficient, better equipped and fun to live with. Toyota Connect also empowers tech-savvy owners to manage their growing need for music streaming, real-time traffic info and personalised roadside assistance.

Boasting unprecedented car connectivity, Toyota Connect also revolutionises Toyota’s already market-leading quality, dependability and reliability by reminding owners when their car is due for a service and even prompts a booking via the app, while it digitally logs mileage and service history for record and tax purposes while auto-allocating work, home, business and personal trip data.

A GPS locator adds the peace of mind of easier finding you to find your Toyota, say in a packed car park and it even tracks your trips and detects an impact to allow your Toyota to automatically summon real-time immediate roadside assistance and 24/7 AA support in the event of an accident. Other highlights include a Battery Health Check and Driver Scoring to encourage your safer and more frugal driving.

The MyToyota app is easy to download to your preferred device, connect, log in and link your new Toyota or Lexus. From there you simply opt into the services you require, from connecting to the WiFi, live maps, the logbook and trip playback; battery health check and driver scoring. 

Should you wish to remain under the radar, that’s no problem — you are free to choose not to opt in and Toyota Connect will only log a mileage estimate — no location data or personal information is transmitted. The device cannot be removed. Those 15 free gigabytes of data must be used within 12 months of activation and once used, data can be topped up via the MyToyota App. 

“This is just the start of an exciting new journey for Toyota and Lexus,” Andrew Kirby warned in conclusion. “Soon you'll also be able to automatically renew your car or bakkie’s licence and we will also expand the Toyota Connect benefits to fleet and small business owners as well as car rental — this is just the beginning of a whole new world of Toyota mobility.”