Ford vs. Ferrari Movie

Ford vs. Ferrari definitely worth the popcorn

Racers will say the track scenes are dodgy, the anoraks will argue the facts are not quite right, but for the man in the street, Ford vs. Ferrari, also known as Le Mans ’66 will prove a most entertaining flick for the whole family. It's significant from a South African point of view too, because all the Ford GTs and Shelby Cobras featured are faithfully recreated Shelby-approved continuation cars built at the Superformance Mini Maranello factory in Port Elizabeth.

Ford vs. Ferrari recalls the classic tale about how Henry Ford II, snubbed by Enzo Ferrari rejecting his offer to buy the iconic Italian brand, empowered Carroll Shelby to beat Ferrari at Le Mans. That Godfather-like scene of Commendatore Ferrari telling Ford’s Lee Iacocca off is worth the ticket, the popcorn and the rest all on its own, but overall it’s a great movie.

The flick follows several poignant threads, not least revealing the lovely story of driver Ken Miles and his significant part alongside his pal Shelby; the role of Ford suits Iacocca and Beebe and the Ferrari angle, too. So yes, Le Mans ‘66 may overdramatise a few gearshifts, portray Beebe as the devil and utilise a few dodgy old ’sixtes film techniques, but all in all, it will probably be one of the better movies you will enjoy this year.

Perhaps best of all when you watch it, remember that the Ford GTs and Shelby Cobras used in the film are stunning Superformance continuation cars built right here in sunny South Africa - and you can even buy one for yourself - they are available through Shelby South Africa. Log on to for more.

Ford vs. Ferrari hits South African movie screens from Friday 22 November.