VW Golf R is Gumtree performance champion

Power VW unbeaten in Gumtree Awards

The Volkswagen Golf R is Gumtree's Pre-Owned Performance Car Award winner for the third year in a row for 2020. The ultimate performance Golf remains unbeaten in the three years of the Gumtree Awards, taking the 2018, 2019 and now the 2020 Performance crown as well.

Perhaps it is their cult value, but on average, this hot car niche looked after its owners best of all of the categories over the past two years, with these five finalists on average maintaining their value best across all the twelve categories. 

The Gumtree Awards take the five two-year old cars that best retained their value versus their new prices in each of twelve categories, based on TransUnion pre-owned car sales data. The Pre-Owned jury then sits and decides which is best through an exhaustive process that considers each finalist’s used car strengths as much as it does their car of the year strengths.

In alphabetical order then, the Audi S3, BMW M240i, Nissan 370Z, Subaru WRX STI and Volkswagen Golf R shaped up pretty well from a used car sense to start with — so much for Q-cars losing value faster! The Golf came out of the blocks charging when considering value retention and it just kept on charging from there.

Scoring well or best in every category, Golf R was as quick, as economical and as well covered to stand it head and shoulders over the rest and that’s the Volkswagen Golf R that is either best, or close to best in every aspect measured and it came away as our performance favourite, by quite considerable a margin too.

It seems our Gumtree Pre Owned Juror peers concurred and the Volkswagen Golf R is once again Gumtree’s best Pre Owned Performance Car — it’s a hat trick! – Michele Lupini