Opel Combo

Opel Combo moves things

The new Opel Combo is a great all-round compact panel van that has everything it needs to do the job it’s required to do: Move things.

Inside, the van is surprisingly comfortable and cabin noise while on the road is pleasingly quiet. Technology is up to par, and everything you’d require is there, however it is slightly outdated in some respects, with a small digital display instead of the full-blown infotainment system found on the higher spec models – these days it’s something I expect to see in even the most basic type of car – yes, even a panel-van.

Another slightly annoying thing about the Combo’s cabin is that the seats can’t move too far back – meaning that taller drivers can’t always get into an ideal driving position – I’m 1.8m long and found myself squishing my seat against the wall between the cabin and loading bay to get comfortable. Of course, that’s a result of chasing maximum load space in the cavernous bay behind, but driver comfort should also be paramount…

Rear and side visibility is a struggle in the combo due to its lack of rear window because of the wall between the cabin and the loading bay, which leads me to think its time manufacturers of such cars should consider implementing a method of giving drivers better visibility. Rear and side camera views which display on the infotainment screen which I mentioned above are common in most cars today and this application really needs it. 

Changing lanes and reversing requires extra caution so it would be good if Opel could use technology to solve that problem in the future.

From the outside, the Combo is nothing extraordinary – it has a simplistic yet neat design with the standard steelie rims, a few nice bodylines and some chrome bits. No complaints there.

Ride quality is fantastic and while it is no lightning bolt, this little van has enough power to cruise easily at highway speeds and sip diesel at a most encouragingly low rate. Never mind that maintains a silent cabin while doing so, all of which means long trips in the Combo are a pleasure – and those are something this handy van will likely be doing a lot of.

The Opel Combo is an all-rounder – it has everything you need to get the job done – even a handy warranty and service plan to keep those business costs in check – and it is a pleasure to drive at the same time. Other than a few small setbacks it is an excellent commercial vehicle. – Giordano Lupini

Images – Giordano Lupini

ROAD TESTED: Opel Combo Cargo 1.6TD panel van 
Engine: 66kW 230Nm 1298cc turbodiesel I4
Drive: 5-speed manual FWD
0-60km/h:         5.25 sec
0-100km/h:        13.05 sec   
0-130km/h:         19.34 sec
400m:                    18.8 sec @ 118km/h
80-120km/h:         10.43 sec
VMax:        170km/h 
Fuel:         4.8 l/100km
CO2:         125 g/km
Warranty/Service: 3y 120K/3y 60Kkm
LIST PRICE:         R319K
RATED:                 82%