Mercedes-Benz C200 took best used exec Award

Passat is Gumtree’s best used executive sedan

Gumtree's Pre-Owned Car Awards for the best two-year old medium executive sedan under R475K today, goes to the Mercedes-Benz C200. The Gumtree Awards showcase the best used cars across twelve categories by singling out the five that also best retain their value every year, before the Pre Owned Jury votes for the best of the lot.

So, based on Trans Union pre-owned car sales data and in alphabetical order, the Audi A4, Lexus iS, Mercedes-Benz C200, Volkswagen Passat and Volvo S60 were scrutinised, evaluated and scored and the C200 walked away with the honours.

The Mercedes-Benz C200 possesses a certain Bauhaus Berlin chic – it’s classic Germanic lines are good and it’s a handsome car that is among the better of the current batch of mid-exec sedans. It is also more traditional inside that well executed and luxuriously pleasant cabin.

Not quite the rocketship, its little fifteen-hundred turbo petrol lump is also a tad thirsty considering its downsized nature, but it works superbly with its nine-speed autobox and possesses a level of fine Mercedes-Benz comfort and ride to set it apart from the rank and file.

From a Pre Owned point of view, C200 also retains its value best of its rivals, while also offering a true used car bargain and has four years of service plan left even though its a two year old car. And of course, it's a Mercedes-bemz and brings all those tri-star plusses too, it's strong in luxury and  too. – Michele Lupini